Your Favorite Pair of 'PUMPS'

Updated: Jul 8

Not a question of what, but who? Pumps is a Copenhagen-based duo consisting of August Hoffmann and Oskar Schade. The 2000s inspired plastic pop band 'Pumps' being their brainchild.

Setting up co-writing sessions - despite having a barely established friendship - small talk between the two was soon replaced by wine stained lips and a shared passion for intuitive, overly theatrical pop.

Photo by Mathis Askebjerg Schmidt @mathisaskebjerg. Instagram @ultrapumps.

Merging dance pop with a wall of pulsating guitars, their new single “Normally” is an ode to giving up. To sweet melancholy and to the nights out that didn’t play out the way you wanted them to. In the Pumps Universe there’s room for an EDM-drop in a love song, for inflating even the tiniest of emotions, and maybe even for shedding a little tear while dancing.



3:00 PM EST

New York, NY


Production: Konkylie Studio, Art Direction: Pumps and Konkylie Studio, DOP: Mathis Schmidt, Edit: Mathis Schmidt. A special thanks to Podspeakers, Astrid Bryder, Sekten. Released on Konkylie https://konkylie.eu/.

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