New Music: Pumps - EP 'Halfway'

For Pumps, August Hoffmann and Oskar Schade, love is a matter of feeling in-between. This may sound odd. But for two restless and slightly awkward young guys who feed their poor sleeping habits with sessions in an underground sound studio, transition is a comfort zone - always finding yourself between one place and another.

Pumps' debut EP ‘Halfway’ puts you on the backseat of a bittersweet ride, curating your road-trip mixtape. Maybe you're on the right track, or maybe you need to stay exactly where you are - halfway between one version of yourself and the next.

Having only released music since the end of 2021, the Danish pop-duo has turned heads. Following a support tour for the acclaimed indie-outfit 'First Flush’, Pumps’ latest single ‘Normally’ met rave reviews in the Danish press, with the leading newspaper Politiken eg. writing:

“Can pop music be restrained and still pack a punch? The Konkylie-signed duo Pumps shows that this is completely possible.”

Pumps’ EP ‘Halfway’ dives head first into themes of intimacy - both physical and digital - and asks you, the listener, if you really know where you stand in your own life.

Find 'Halfway' on any all digital streaming platforms here.


Production: Konkylie Studio, Cover Photo: Angi Kim @angikimm shot by Maxwell Brown @maxwellpicswell , Los Angeles 2022. Released on Konkylie

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