New Music: LUCID DREAMS ft. Yekeza

Updated: Jul 8

Sylle Struck has spent the last decade touring the world with Danish artist MØ as a live musician and DJ. On countless tour buses and hotel rooms, Sylle Struck has collected sketches and made tracks and collabs in various studios and in sessions around the world. All these demos have been gathered in an ambitious concept album, which unites his extensive visual world with the music. His first release is the single Lucid Dreams feat. Yekesa. The track balances restlessness and boredom over a minimalist global beat.

“Lucid Dreams” is about modern love and the search for it. In a world filled with artificial intelligence and optimized algorithms, the track is based on the interaction between a human being of flesh and blood and A.I. love. Like a futuristic siren whose monotonous vocals melt into the user's mind, it is designed to tempt the ignorant and dazzled, for whom it might end up having fatal consequences.

The video for Lucid Dreams” portrays how this transaction between human and machine takes place. The main character “the user” is entering the AL (artificial love) system in his search for some sort of love related experience.

The concept album “Second Nature” is released as a collective audiovisual work that adds sound to a number of short films and visualizations, the soundtrack to Sylle Struck's universe.


12:00 PM EST

New York, NY

By Angi kim


Lucid Dreams” is the first single from forthcoming debut album “Second Nature”

Music: Sylvester Struckmann Lyrics: Clara Schellenberg Mix: Sylvester Struckmann Stem-master: Jesper Vivid Released on Konkylie https://konkylie.eu/ CREDITS Video produced by https://whystudio.dk Directed by Hannibal Struckmann, Sylvester Struckmann Sound design and music by Sylle Struck.

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